My Likes


There are sooooooo many things I like that I'll really be hard-pressed to state them all! "Liking" is a positive attitudinal characteristic and in our challenging, often seemingly threatening and suffering-ridden world, we need all the positive characteristics we can get.  Here are some of my more important likes and values.


A healthy, stress-free life style, devoid of junk food and drink, loud noise, rude and reckless motorists, cigarette smoke and pollution

Cleanliness, orderliness, perseverance, discipline and Prussian punctuality are high on my list of values. Honesty, personal integrity and fair play, particularly in the professional context, mean a lot to me. So does a healthy competition and mutual peer support

Appreciation of nature and the indescribable beauty and diversity it has graced our lives with. Respect for the sanctity of all the human beings, animals, trees and plants which live on our planet, and adopting a behaviour consistent which reflects this respect, is probably the greatest service we can perform individually and collectively. It gives a meaning and lasting value to our short and insignificant lives 

I respect a person who is straightforward and frankly tells me his or her views on any subject, even if our opinions on that subject are poles apart

I strive for perfectionism but realize at the same time that total perfectionism is either unattainable or that its quest may conflict with the requirement of efficiency

I greatly cherish human rights and respect for the basic dignity of individuals, and believe that every person must be free to live their lives the way he or she deems desirable as long as the rights of others are not overly infringed upon! Specifically, I believe that people must have the right to dress the way they want, eat and drink what they want, read, watch and listen to what they want, pursue any alternative lifestyle they want, convert to and from any religion they want (or not have any religion at all if they don't want) and express their opinions freely and openly on ANY controversial subject without being accused of "injuring peoples sensitivities" and fearing reprisal.

People must not be subjected to moral judgment, prejudices and finger-pointing by their peers. Civilized and enlightened societies tolerate dissent completely - even if 99.99999% of people in a society feel extremely passionately about an issue, or some issues, they must respect the lone voices of dissent and  in no way whatsoever obstruct them. I have zero understanding for societies that don't

Every now and then, it's nice to take time off for introspection and reflection. When autumn dawns, I like to take long walks and sit in a park under a tall tree on a windy day and look back on my successes and failures, and my goals in all aspects of my life

Hospitality and graciousness are beautiful qualities all of us should adopt. I have experienced these kindnesses on occasions and reciprocate where and when I can

Help people, don't hinder them! Turning a "blind eye" if the circumstances allow is also something I recommend to everyone

Trustworthiness, reliability and helpfulness are three qualities in people which I value immensely

Peace on Earth and Pacificism are two ideals all human beings should strive for without reservation. We should all try to get on with each other, irrespective of our mutual differences in ideology and approaches to life, and listen to each others views with respect

The pursuit of knowledge, the quest for enlightment, a firm faith in science and technology and the wonders they bring to our lives, and constantly maintaining a clear ethical sense of whats right and whats not right are the fundamental underpinnings of my psyche

Always meeting interesting people and remaining in close and regular contact with my family members and friends are very important to me. It is something I can never tire of

It is my firm conviction that you should treat people the way they treat you. If they're kind to you, reciprocate their kindness. If they strike you, strike them back - hard!