Favourite Sport


I'm hardly what you'd call an avid sportsman or sportsfan, but there are some physical activities that I relish, even if I engage in them on an occasional basis. I like hiking and, when time and circumstances permit, I avail any opportunity to participate in hikes, especially in an organized  group setting. In my webalbums, you will find a number of photos I took on hikes in Germany. More hiking photos fropm my latest hikes will be uploaded in June this year. Besides hiking, I am interested in scuba-diving. I learnt how to scuba-dive in Germany in 1999 and am now a certified PADI basic level diver. Unfortunately, there is no facility for scuba-divers in Islamabad, Pakistan, where I am presently based. Off course, I can swim and used to go often for swimming but can't find the time for this anymore. Finally, I have an interest in paragliding and was once on the verge of registering myself in a week-long course which I had to cancel due to some other engagement.