Favourite Software


I work regularly with the Microsoft office software programmes Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint, and with Adobe Acrobat Professional. I use them for my correspondance and report writing, accounting, eMailing, contact and calender management and designing of slides for my lectures. Occasionally, I use MS Project and Access.

For webdesigning I use MS Frontpage 2003 (this website was designed by me exclusively with Frontpage 2003) but will use Macromedia Flash for future refinements. Version 3 of my website, which will be on-line hopefully by the end of 2007, will include a number of Flash animations.

Adobe Photoshop CS is my favourite digital image editor. Every webdesigner and amateur photographer should know how to make maximum use of this fantastic programme. For digital video editing I used Adobe Premiere some time back but rarely do so now because of the overheating effect it has on my laptop. For 3D computer graphics I like to play around with Bryce, Poser, Terragen (a terrain creation programme), OnxyTree (a tree and vegetation creation programme) and - most important of all - 3D Studio Max which I intend to use in future with a high level of perfection after I have mastered the ins and outs of this wonderful but highly complex programme which allows one to create almost anything in 3D.

Taking maximum benefit from a software programme, particularly advanced ones like those mentioned above, requires extensive and systematic training. There are some excellent eLearning training websites which I used to subscribe to and which I definitely recommend to beginners and even advanced software users. These are the Virtual Training Company, Lynda.com and Total Training. Another website worth looking up is Learnkey.