Favourite Foods


OK, this is where my stomach gets to speak. East or west, north or south, human or extraterrestial, diabolical or divine, I'm open to try anything - my sole requirement being that it tastes good! I cannot understand people who have "imposed" dietary restrictions and refuse to try certain foods or drinks, stating that their consumption violates religious, cultural, tribal or family taboos, norms and traditions. Hahhh, my friends do you know what good things you are missing in your ignorance? Come into the 21st century.

Some of my preffered foods include spaghetti with mince meat in tomato sauce, pizza with mixed topping, chicken chow mein and chicken manchuria (sizzling), Wiener schnitzel, fried prawns and hot dogs. I'm always game for chicken tikka (except when bird flu is lurking about which it is these days sadly) and Sheekh kebabs. And I never miss an opportunity to tuck in to mixed salads when I see them.

For breakfast I usually take basic Muesli with raisons and nuts and usually toast or rusk with strawberry jam. I like various kinds of juice (apple, grape, orange, mango, pineapple etc.) and avoid drinking coca-cola, fanta and 7-Up, except when I attend receptions and go out for lunch or dinner to resteraunts which I do quite periodically. Cola beer (mix of coca cola and beer) tastes great and I recommend you try it. Every day I drink upto eight cups of black tea mixed with milk and two spoons of sugar.

I can't resist ice-cream (yummy) especially of the pistacio and walnut varieties and I'm always game for delicious fruit mixes. Cakes, particularly of the chocolate fudge and ice cream type, are on my list of favoured desserts as are pastries, particularly lemon tarts. Rasmallai is a delicious South Asian milk pudding which I will never tire of eating. Pakistani sweets like gulab jamans and burphy are delicious and I eat them often.