My Dislikes


Just as my likes are manifold, so are my dislikes. I try to be positive in my outlook but there are self-drawn red lines that I don't cross.  Below is a sampling of the attitudes and behaviours that I don't like at all. You may or not agree with me on certain or all of these points and you're entitled to your opinion as I'm entitled to mine


Body piercing and tattoos, disorderliness and dirtiness, tardiness, noisiness, drug-taking and excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, junk food and junk drinks, temperature extremes, getting wet with my clothes on (ohhhh!), dust and smoke, ants, spiders, cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, bugs, rodents, lizards and snakes

Religious rituals, intolerance for the dissenting views of others, being the victim of discrimination of any sort, politicians and their ilk

Making committments to people and not keeping them, professionals and organizations who continually boast of their high professional standard and yet behave most unprofessionally

Naughty and screaming children (especially in public places) and their parents who make no effort to control their brats

Perpetual naggers, snobs, misers, cheaters, habitual liars, hypocrites, intiguers, loose-tongued and back-biting people, and individuals who, through the art of pursuasion and in the anticipation of some personal gain, try to talk other people into saying or doing things which they know are not in their interest

Unhelpful, rude and obnoxious people (I've come across plenty of them!)

Treat everyone with courtesy, dignity and respect - the same way you want to be treated by people when you find yourself in a similar situation

One of the biggest injustices of modern times is the dishing out enormous sums of money left, right and center as "development assistance" to wicked, autocratic, corrupt and incompetent governments of developing countries. Just a trickle of this money is used for its intended purpose. The actual practical results of this policy speak volumes for itself - every idiot knows that!

Corporations which exploit the poverty and disregard fundamental human rights in developing countries for the sake of their greed and profits, and their democratic governments which directly or indirectly support criminal and repressive autocracies across the globe with a view to ensuring their "national", "economic" or "security" interests are just as wicked   

Cruelty to human beings and animals, and the wanton destruction of trees, plants and our beautiful natural environment in the name of commercialism and "progress" are some of the most abhorrent crimes in my eyes

Parochialism, nationalism and patriotism: these are three anachronistic ideals which we should discard. Hopefully, in the not-too-distant future the tsunami of globalization, mass communications and ubiquitous awareness that we are living in a global village, will sweep them away into the dustbin of history, along with the overhyped and ludicrous concept of national sovereignty

I totally oppose mixing religion with politics, public administration and law.  Blasphemy laws, laws prohibiting, obstructing or penalizing peoples conversion to different religons, tacitly condone honour killings and which punish apostasy or seek to systematically and continually intimidate ethnic or religious minorities are just a few examples

Countries that force religion and adherence to religious or ideological doctrines and laws on their people in whatever form are the embodiment of evil in our world and these countries must be confronted unreservedly as evil deserves to be confronted

Religion, cultural traditions and economic, political or institutional underdevelopment must not under any circumstances be used as an excuse to disregard or trample on peoples fundamental human rights

Human rights are universal and timeless; they are NOT an invention of the West nor is it a conspiracy aimed at protecting the jewish diaspora as some idiots have claimed!

All fundamental human rights MUST be strictly observed in despotic totalitarian states like Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, North Korea and Zimbabwi equally as in liberal ones like Britain, Germany and the United States. Strict adherence to fundamental human rights must be promoted to the fullest extent everywhere on the planet and not only through lip-service or by meek protestations, as is currently in vogue, but by initiating the toughest possible action against states violating human rights, wherever they are, and irrespective of their economic, military, political and spiritual clout 

No tolerance for intolerance and the intolerant!

Political correctness is a scourge of our modern times. It is as contagious as the plagues of by-gone days. Sadly prevalent especially in western countries, and by people who should know better, it stifles objective discussion and discourages objective and constructive criticism of minorities, governments, ideologies and religions which really are in need of a heavy dose of criticism! It doesn't contribute anything at all to the solution of pressing social, economic and global problems, instead, it downplays or ignores them and, at the very least, encourages belligerents to become more belligerent

Anyone, anything or any belief that deserves to be criticized must be criticized unhesitatingly, unreservedly, harshly and directly

Last - but certainly not least - I nurture a through contempt to the core of my soul for immigrants and other individuals who flee from intolerance, persecution and/or lack of opportunities in their countries to the comfort and safety of distant lands and, once they're there, refuse to either integrate or (better) to assimilate in their host society, speak ill of and exploit it, or, worst of all, who indulge in violent criminal terrorist acts against it. Sadly, Europe, Australasia and North America are full of such people from across the globe now-a-days.

My simple advice to the people concerned is:

"If you don't like the enlightened way of life, freedoms, and the splendid opportunities for personal advancement and development given to you by your host country, you're certainly entitled to your opinion and I respect that, but please have the sense of decency, honour and integrity, and return on the next plane with your wife or husband, your ten kids and other hangers-on in tow, along with your archaic beliefs and values, your disgusting rituals and your congenital prejudices, to the savage stone-age theocracies, semi-theocracies or autocracies from where you came. Live your primitive uncivilized way of life there, prosper there if you can, hate as much as you want, die there and go to hell. All I can say to you and your ilk is "Scram and Good Riddance and Stay Away from Civilized Societies!"