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Pakistan Earthquake Relief Effort


This video documents my parents effort to help the victims of the October 2005 earthquake in Northern Pakistan. Some 80,000 people perished in this quake which was the worst in this country's history. Tens of thousands were injured or maimed for life and over 2 million people were made homeless. 


The video was shot at my parent's residence in Islamabad and at the office of the Pakistan Red Crescent. With the help of donations collected from some of our German associates in Germany, who volunteered their support by contacting my parents, and my parents own monetary contribution towards the relief effort, we purchased a bundle of warm winter quilts from the local market. These quilts were left standing under our porch for the night. On the following day, my parents hired a pick-up on which the quilts were loaded. Then, with the van following behind, my father and I drove to the office of the Red Crescent where the quilts were formally handed over to the Red Cresecent representative and deposited in a warehouse which was quite full of donated supplies from sources in Pakistan and overseas.


The video, which I uploaded to the YouTube server, is just over 3 minutes long and has been converted into MPEG4 format. It is about 34 MB in size.  The man moving in the beginning is our watchman Yaqub. 


Many thanks to our German associates who contributed to this effort. 



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