Khanpur Lake


Some 50 kilometers north-west of Islamabad, on the road from Taxila to Haripur, lies a lake so scenic and awe-inspiring, that many visitors to it just cannot get enough of it. Fed from the waters of the Haro River, Khanpur Lake is an important source of water in the region for both consumption and irrigation purposes in the two adjoining provinces Punjab and North-West Frontier Province. It has also become a popular tourist destination where families and individuals can enjoy boating, go picnicking, take extended walks along the lakeshore or observe migratory birds in Winter. Some people have undertaken "cliff-diving" at Khanpur or even flown over it in a paraglider! There is also a comfortable rest house, modelled on the architecture of a European Castle.

Khanpur Lake is one of my favourite places on earth and my favourite photo in my entire collection (which spans many countries and snapshots I took over decades) was taken here at the Lake. The Asian Study Group, of which I am an active member, organizes a hike from Khanpur to Islamabad every year and several years ago I had the pleasure of participating in this 6 hour long hike across the Margalla Hills, which was strenuous but visually immensely appealing.

Off course, every place has its share of problems from which Khanpur is not exempt. Concerns have been voiced lately about deforestation in the surrounding hills as the population of the settlements which have cropped up around the Lake increases. Rising levels of silt in the Lake are another cause for concern. On a more ominous note, several boaters have drowned there. Despite all this, whether you live in Islamabad or surrounding areas, or whether you are just visiting this region, be assured that if you don't visit Khanpur Lake, you are missing an experience you shouldn't!


The photo on the left was taken when our car was approaching Lake Khanpur.

The photo on the right shows a section of the Lake. The contrast of partially overcast sky, hill surface and water make this photo visually quite appealing.

Two more awesome photos of Lake Khanpur. These are views to die for! 



The photo on the left shows my father standing next to my friend Raashid with the Lake in the background.

The photo on the right shows them standing in front of the guesthouse. Its European castle-like architecture is very striking.


Four photos with my parents, my paternal Aunt and my friend Raashid. You can also see me in the photo on the extreme left and right wearing the blue swater with the red diagonal stripe




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