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This section contains several hundred photos taken during my many visits to various places of interest within 300-kilometres of Pakistan's federal capital city Islamabad. Some of the photos were taken in the period 1988 to 1997 but most were taken after 2005. When photographing, I prefer to do so at places of historical or cultural interest which have either not, or which have hardly been photographed before. And before as well as after my visits, I thoroughly research the places from various credible sources. In addition to the photos, you will find detailed factual information and personal observations in each section.  

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This awesome fortress was built around the middle 16th century by the Afghan King Sher Shah Suri with the dual objective of preventing the return of the exiled Mughal Emperor Humayun to India and controlling restive local tribes. It is perhaps the most imposing historical edifice in Pakistan. What a view from its battlements!

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The world's second largest salt mine is located at Khewra in the Punjab. Salt was discovered here during Alexander the Great's India campaign in about 325 B.C. A labyrinth of deep passages, high caverns and fascinating brine lakes, the mine is a must for any visitor to this part of Pakistan. Check out this magnificent photo set.

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Barely 90 minutes drive from Islamabad lies this ancient and sprawling temple complex which was the preeminent centre of Hindu pilgrimage in this part of India before the partition in 1947. It even features in the great Indian epic "Mahabharata". Sadly in a crumbling state now, this charming place attracts a number of Pakistani and foreign sightseers every year. Fortunately, it is under restoration under a joint Indo-Pakistan project.


A small remote locality in rural Punjab, located about 200 kilometers from Islamabad, Chillianwala was the scene of a famous and bloody battle in January 1849 between the advancing British army and the Sikhs who ruled over Punjab prior to its total annexation by the British Empire that same year. Several photos from the British War Memorial Cemetary can be found here.



This towering monument, built in honour of the legendary British General John Nicholson, who was killed while storming Delhi during the Indian Mutiny of 1857, never ceases to fascinate me when I drive past it on the grand trunk road. See for yourself the photos I took outside and inside the obelisk. 


Just 40 kilometers from Islamabad, Khanpur Lake has got to be one of the most scenic places on our planet. If you're looking for Nirvana on Earth, then look no further than here!



Islamabad's older and larger (and rather ugly) twin sister, Rawalpindi doesn't offer much in terms of culture and living comfort, but it does have many quaint old buildings dating from the British colonial era and those bygone pre-partition days when it was a predominately Hindu and Sikh town.



Photos taken in October 2006 at a workshop run by the Catholic Church in Rawalpindi where young women from the neighbourhood are being trained in needle-work skills to help them gain some financial independance.


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I took several photos of various places in Pakistan's capital city Islamabad over many years. This collection includes major landmarks in Islamabad, including the imposing Faisal mosque on the left and scenic spots overlooking the city.


A few years before her death, legendary Mother Teresa of Calcutta visited St. Fatima's Catholic Church in Sector F-8/4 in Islamabad. Living just three minutes walking distance down the road, I went to satisfy my curiosity and - lo and behold - I was rewarded with some great photos of this remarkable woman which I'm sharing exclusively with you here. 


A large set of photos from a great hike in the Margalla hills near Islamabad in which I participated in April 2006. Some spectacular views here! The photo set of the Khanpur to Islamabad hike, which is my favourite, and which was held on March 25th, 2007, will be coming soon.

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