Hiking in the Palatinate Woods


During my student days at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer I took part in a few hikes in the summer time which were organized by some of my more outgoing German colleagues. Our destination was the "Pfälzerwald" (Palatinate Woods) not far by car from Speyer which itself is a major town in the enchanting Palatinate region of south-west Germany bordering on France.

Located to the west of Speyer, the Pfälzerwald covers a large hilly area dotted with several beautiful townships and villages, and is cross-crossed by a number of hiking trails which are a pleasure to walk on and experience nature at its best. To see the names of the localities in the Pfaelzerwald, click on the map on the left. 

The hikes I took part in were held in the Summer Semester 2001. Unfortu-nately, I didn't keep a written record of the places my colleagues and myself went hiking. My enquiries have indicated though, that the first hike took place near St. Martin which lies close to the west of Speyer. The second batch of photos below were probably taken in the Donnersbergkreis. Wherever, these hikes were certainly joyous occasions and the photos I took below will always remind of those good times.  


This group photo of my colleagues and fellow hikers was taken shortly before the begin of our first joint hike. Don't ask me where it was taken!   Here we are all seated around a table at some resteraunt.

A close-up of our group seated around the table at the resteraunt. As you can see, we had some light drinks and ice-cream. After our gruelling summer hike, these sure were a welcome refreshment. One of our group members took this photo. I'm sitting in the middle with the black T-Shirt.


Yet another photo I took at the resteraunt.

Here we have reached a vantage point on some hill commanding a superb view of the Palatinate. Somewhat tired from the hike, our group settles down to rest tired legs and drink refreshments.


Beautiful view of the plain beneath the vantage point. It was definitely worth the strain of climbing up the hill. Unfortunately, the haze has obscured the details in the landscape.

Still at the vantage point on the hill. We stayed there a while before pressing on.


We have arrived at a resteraunt in one of the villages at which, if I recall correctly, we had parked our vehicles.

Photo taken while the hike was on. Here a discussion seems to be taking place about the direction in which to proceed.



This photo, and all other following photos in this gallery, were taken on a hike in (if I recall correctly) the Donnersbergkreis in July 2001. I went in the company of my two  colleagues, Kirsten, and Roland. This photo was taken at an old mine which we explored. 


Visitors getting ready to enter the mine (extreme left). I'm standing in front of the mine (second and third photos), wearing a miners helmet which I thought it was unnecessary until I was in the mine and it hit the low ceiling hard several times. On the right, my two colleagues Kirsten and Roland pose with me for a photo in front of the mine.  

  We were well into the hike when this photo of me on the left was taken. As you can see, we're at an an elevation and the plain is clearly visible below in the background. An interesting snapshot (photo on right) I took of a weatherman figure on a hill as we passed it. In the last photo, Kirsten and Roland are perched at the edge of the hiking trail. Hey, Kirsten, what are saying???    

What a splendid view of the plain! A hamlet is visible in the distance, as is a forested patch and hills on the horizon. The partially overcast sky provides for an excellent con-trast.


We had almost reached flat ground when this photo of me was taken.

Kirsten and Roland pause to look at a horse.


This is one of my favourite photos of all time! Idyllic and picturesque. It captures everything just as I like to recall it. A splendid hamlet of red-roofed houses amidst rolling hills, woods and meadows in the background, a contrasting sky and myself at the head of it all. 



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